Hole of Donut

2012 Hole of Donut, Mixed Media, 22in x 40in 

Hole of Donut

Inglewood, California (May 20,2012,10:57) bugle-horn sounds as race 1 on a newly cut turf with five fillies and checker colored jockeys are nerviously waiting for their six furlong run. Two horses named “ Saratoga Yankee” and “Smokey Lonesome” are 2-1 favorites.

By-gone photographs of Seabiscuit, Citation, and Affirmed salons the wagering walls.
11:09, crowd of few thousand pounding, rumbling, and roaring as hoses come to the last stretch. 1:33.59, “Leaving New York” (15-1) comes in first place as FedEx cargo plane above bestride the racetrack dwarfing the sounds below.
6:25, I order an original cake donut at the drive- thru window of a LA landmark, Randy’s donuts stand. A giant donut stands 22-foot diameter and sits on top of store facing the Southwest direction and the planes arriving to LAX can be seen through the hole of the donut .

6:28, as I make my first bite to the small donut, another donut is getting created in the horizon of a western sky. (May 20,2012, full solar eclipse)

My artwork is about the hole of a donut where it holds the shape of a donut. This empty space is a coexistence of a void and form where it becomes ONE.  I see the city of Inglewood as a center of the donut where it becomes the microcosmic world of the city that holds together the community and neighborhoods.

Wakana Kimura


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form and/or you can follow Wakana Kimura on facebook! Myriad of activities are bestriding the aperture of a donut and through
this kaleidoscope, community and neighborhood of Inglewood is
observed. Doughnut is like the megaphone with variation of sounds
which amplifies and even records the transient of our daily life.


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