Wakana Kimura

"My artwork is about the hole of a donut where it holds the shape of a donut. This empty space is a coexistence of a void and form where it becomes ONE.  I see the city of Inglewood as a center of the donut where it becomes the microcosmic world of the city that holds together the community and neighborhoods."  


"Everything. I try to draw/paint everything in my life to make something of “Void”. Everything means everything: every moment, every single breath, feeling, experience, myself, others, family, friends, acquaintance, stranger, culture, nature, future, history, etc. The senses of everything are coming and going and totality of all the things in the cosmos. Everything I know and everything I don’t know effects and attracts me to painting/drawing."




I would love to share my  work with you in person on my next exhibitions and events. 


Let's work together!