Wakana Kimura


Hole of Donut, 2013, (C) Wakana Kimura.jpg

Hole of Donut
Mixed Media, 22in x 40in

Hole of Donut

Inglewood, California (May 20,2012,10:57) bugle-horn sounds as race 1 on a newly cut turf with five fillies and checker colored jockeys are nerviously waiting for their six furlong run. Two horses named “ Saratoga Yankee” and “Smokey Lonesome” are 2-1 favorites.


By-gone photographs of Seabiscuit, Citation, and Affirmed salons the wagering walls.

11:09, crowd of few thousand pounding, rumbling, and roaring as hoses come to the last stretch. 1:33.59, “Leaving New York” (15-1) comes in first place as FedEx cargo plane above bestride the racetrack dwarfing the sounds below.

6:25, I order an original cake donut at the drive- thru window of a LA landmark, Randy’s donuts stand. A giant donut stands 22-foot diameter and sits on top of store facing the Southwest direction and the planes arriving to LAX can be seen through the hole of the donut .


6:28, as I make my first bite to the small donut, another donut is getting created in the horizon of a western sky. (May 20,2012, full solar eclipse)


My artwork is about the hold of a donut where it holds the shape of a donut. This empty space is a coexistence of a void and form where it becomes ONE.  I see the city of Inglewood as a center of the donut where it becomes the microcosmic world of the city that holds together the community and neighborhoods.


Wakana Kimura