Wakana Kimura

The paper offering ceremony for the Nehan-zu project 


It all started when…

This ceremony was held at the Zenshu-ji soto mission temple, the 94-year-old Zen Buddhist temple in Art District, to paint large scale Buddha’s Nirvana scroll, which illustrates the death of the Buddha. The ritual shooting of the arrow, a purification ceremony, will be performed by Hirokazu Kosaka and the Los Angeles Kyudo Kai, 100-year-old Archery Group.

The Hiromi Paper international, kindly donated Washi: traditional handmade Japanese paper from Kochi prefecture Japan. This paper is from Mr. Ozaki paper (96” X 108”), one of the largest handmade paper in Japan and his last piece of  70 years his entire craftsman life is here in my studio in Los Angeles.

This project will be the first in the United States and to be painted by a female artist and will be an opportunity to explore the union of traditional materials (paper) and imagery (the iconography of the Buddha’s death scene) with contemporary painting techniques and a global approach to Buddhist teachings.

December. 2016