Wakana Kimura

I use visual communication to express unification and individuality. I start with a mark and continue to build on it as an expression. Each mark has its own unique identity, and each mark interacts with another mark in its own unique way. All of the marks together represent an individual conceptual structure. It is only when I complete the piece that I am able to attach a verbal word to enable communication. I use art as a medium to openly communicate the individual differences among us. Ideally, there is a ripple effect. As with drops of rain in a pond, each drop forms a concentric circle that joins with another concentric circle, and this intertwining has a larger effect. Each individual marks I create enables communication and creates conversation.

- Wakana Kimura




Born in Japan and graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts with BFA. Moved to the United States in 2007 and graduated from the Otis College of Arts and Design in Los Angeles with MFA in 2011.
Recently, Kimura was commissioned by Zenshuji Soto Mission to create the
Nehanzu: Parinirvana painting, chosen to be the artist fellow of the TAF (The Artist First) foundation, 2017-2019 Mural Artist from DCA (Department of Cultural Affairs) the City of Los Angeles and the DCA COLA Cultural Trailblazer.

Her exhibition was held in the Pomona College Museum of Art, the LA Art Core, the Los Angeles Union Station, and the Los Angeles Koyasan Buddhist Temple in California. She has also exhibited throughout Japan and the United States.



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